Chester Nova Scotia Canada


The Captain’s House is the dream of artist Carol Hansen. 

Beautifully situated on the waterfront, the 200 year old building is home to Chester’s newest gallery.

The gallery opens 26 June 2021, thanks to the ardent support from husband Colin MacDonald and gallery manager, Shelli Stevens.

The gallery focuses on solo and collaborative exhibitions from late June to November. Each show opens with a weekend, and continues Wednesday to Saturday, 11am-4pm. 

Chester is a seaside village with 6 galleries, centrally located on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. A short picturesque drive takes you to Mahone Bay and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lunenburg further along the coast. Drive an hour across the province and enjoy wineries and orchards of the Annapolis Valley. The Victorian city of Halifax is 45 minutes away.

Covid-19 protocols are in place to ensure a safe gallery visit.


Opening October 16 & 17 11am – 4pm

Continuing weekly Wednesday – Saturday 11am-4pm

Last day November 13


Installations by Beverley McInnes

Beverly works with found metals, which catch her eye on her walks. The artist sees something beautiful in the discarded, and value in the valueless. She gives new life to what has been broken and cast out, reaffirming worth in what has been deemed worthless. Her series, Sentinels, are biographical figures she creates from real people’s cast shadows, and will be featured along with new work.


Paintings by Carol Hansen

Spring finds the artist bent over her garden, where flowers are in close up. When gardens are put to bed, Carol’s eyes are lifted upwards to the tracery of leafless trees against the sky. Tawny grasses ripple in ocean winds. Birds, previously hidden by leafy bowers, are more visible flitting amongst bare branches. Colours are richly golden and wood smoke fills the air. The patterns of tracery in the natural world inspired the architecture of cathedrals.


Opening September 4 & 5 11am – 4pm

Continuing weekly Wednesday – Saturday 11am-4pm

Last day October 2

A Calendar of Dolls

Porcelain Dolls by Joan Doherty

Joan Doherty of Halifax has been making dolls for thirty-five years. Her current work repurposes porcelain dolls, otherwise left to languish in thrift shops. Mass produced costumes are replaced with expressive clothing, and nylon hair with handmade mohair wigs, which transform the dolls into the charming creatures they were always meant to be. The collection is inspired by the poem, The Garden Year by Sara Coleridge.


Opening July 31 & August 1 11am – 4pm

Continuing weekly Wednesday – Saturday 11am-4pm

Last day August 28

In My Spare Time

Folk Art by Morgan Davis

During his long career as a blues musician, Morgan travelled. He browsed antique stores, flea markets, and auctions. Drawn to accumulations of remnants, the artist collected small architectural pieces which were reborn under his creative fingers into small works of art. Simultaneously, Morgan began to collect Nova Scotia folk art, which will be featured alongside his work.


Opening June 26 & 27 11am – 4pm

Continuing weekly Wednesday – Saturday 11am-4pm

Last day July 24

Painting Away the Pandemic

Acrylic Paintings by Carol Hansen

Field of sunflowers with a red barn at the top of the field with one tall sunflower reaching up to the sky on a sunny day

Unmasked in the studio during the past six months, Carol literally painted the pandemic away. Memories of the relative freedom of the previous Nova Scotia summer, compared to the rest of the globe, were re-lived on her canvases. Her calendar was wiped clean of commitments, other than to paint. The show embodies the relief and joy Carol experiences, every time she steps into the studio.